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Our Public Works Engineering Division is involved in aspects of City infrastructure and development involving streets and drainage. It is our responsibility to manage and improve our existing street infrastructure, review and inspect new transportation improvements, ensure quality assurance by providing inspections for projects. We are composed of Engineering Services and Construction Services.

Engineering Services

We provide planning, design and construction management for a variety of street infrastructure improvements throughout the City. We manage improvements to existing as well as new infrastructure. Our services provide for the quality construction of the City's transportation infrastructure in accordance with current design and City of Greeley standards. We plan, manage, design and build a better infrastructure for the City of Greeley.

PW | Engineering Services

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Capital Improvements Project Management
Construction Standards


Engineering Services issues permits for new developments, utility construction and street improvements.

All construction in the City Right-of-Way must be reviewed and approved by the Water and Sewer Department as well as The Public Works Department before permits can be issued. Preconstruction conferences must also be held for Development projects before permit application.

Contact Public Works at 970-350-9881, or email for additional information regarding the permit process.

Permit Requests

  1. Contractors must be a licensed and bonded with the City of Greeley.
  2. You must have copies of your plans submitted to the City of Greeley.
  3. Your plans then must have been reviewed and signed by the Water & Sewer Department located at 1100 10th St, and The Public Works Department located at 1001 9th Ave.
  4. A traffic plan for your project must be submitted to the Traffic Division, Jim Neergaard, Traffic Engineering Technician 336-4091, 1001 9th Avenue, for review and approval.
  5. Submit completed application to or drop off at the Public Works Building 1001 9th Ave.
  6. Once all of these steps have been completed a Right of Way/Easement permit will be issued by the Engineering Division.


The complete application contains five documents, with a total of six pages. The ROW Permit Application contains all documents needed for this permit. The Fee Schedule can be used to figure the fee for the permit. Many times a Traffic Control Review Form is needed without a ROW permit, but if a ROW Permit is needed, all forms are within the ROW Permit Application.

Construction Services

We handle inspections of infrastructure projects and ensure that all construction within the City of Greeley meets required standards and provides for the safety and quality of life of its citizens.

Contact Us

Public Works

2835 W. 10th St.
Greeley, CO 80631

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

970-350-9881 tel
970-336-4142 fax

More than one Google Analytics scripts are registered. Please verify your pages and templates.