Stormwater Division

We develop city drainage standards, review flood impact issues, regulate illicit stormwater discharges, manage the stormwater utility, and the city's stormwater environmental program.

Our Objectives:

Flood Control, Review, and Planning:

To protect the public from flooding by stormwater, up to and including a 100 year storm event. The city's storm drainage system is designed to handle different levels of water runoff during storms. Improvements are made each year to mitigate problems that may occur during larger flood events and to handle new development.

Andrew T. Fisher, P.E., CFM Floodplain Administrator
2835 W 10th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631
Office: 970-350-9797

Water Quality

Stormwater pollution cannot be ignored and can only be prevented with all of us working together. Learn more on our stormwater quality page.

Standards Design

All construction development, repair or adjustments affecting city infrastructure within the City of Greeley must adhere to current standards. The City of Greeley Storm Drainage Design Criteria and Construction Specification document is intended to provide guidance for the design, review and construction of those public improvements in or under the public right-of-way and public easements.

Design Standards

Stormwater Management

Design, repair, replace or improve stormwater facilities and conveyance methods throughout the city and neighboring Weld County sites through Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Construction Design.

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