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2020 Census Greeley/Weld Complete Count Campaign

Local Census Members Engage Community
What is the Census?
Required since 1790, the federal census is a decennial count of all persons living in the United States. Data from the census is used to determine representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, federal and state legislative districts, and appropriation of funding to states and municipalities across 55 federally funded programs.

We all have questions about the 2020 Census, one of them may be: What will I be asked on the Census?, and the response varies depending on how you complete the the Census (online, phone, or in person). We've created a full list of FAQ's to help as you prepare to complete the Census. 

Local Efforts: 
The City of Greeley is working with volunteers from local businesses and nonprofits, fellow municipalities, and the State of Colorado to build a homegrown 2020 Census effort. The goal of this community-led campaign is to inform our residents about the importance of the census in local affairs, while working to achieve a complete and accurate count of all persons in our community.

Check out our Local Campaign Kickoff Event on the Weld County Courthouse steps to urge community participation in the Census. View, like, comment, and share the Facebook Album

Sunrise Community Health - Census Ambassador - Paw Sah
- Paw Hsa, Sunrise Community Health
How do I get involved?
Our local Complete Count Committee is working to ensure we're reaching even the hardest to count populations within our community. If you're looking to get involved, need a presentation for your organization, or want to see what's happening across our state, click one of the links below. 
  Local CCC Engagement Form  
I Want To Get Involved! 
  Shape Your Future  
2020 Census Video 
Colorado Statewide Campaign
  Statewide 2020 Census Campaign  

For more information on local 2020 Census efforts, please contact the Communication & Engagement Department at

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