Neighborhood Studies

  • 2002: Greeley voters approved a “Quality of Life” ballot issue, which provided $4 million for neighborhood improvements
  • 2003: Community Development staff initiated the W. 10th Street and UNC studies in order to identify neighborhood conditions, issues, and priorities for improvements
  • 2004: The Greeley Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) and Greeley City Council adopted the West 10th Street Corridor Neighborhood Study and the UNC Area Study
  • 2006: GURA and the City Council adopted the John Evans Neighborhood Plan and the Sunrise Neighborhood Study
    • The projects included public infrastructure improvements such as new street lights, fire hydrants, sidewalks, access ramps, a revolving loan fund for private residential improvements
    • Also included organizational assistance through neighborhood building block programs like neighborhood and business watch, block parties and neighborhood labor
  • Smaller area studies have been conducted as well

For updates on the implementation of the various plans see the report cards for the various studies, or visit our Planning, GURA, or Neighborhood Resource Office pages.

High quality study maps and photos are typically available upon request. 

Neighborhood Conditions Studies and Urban Renewal Plans can be found on the Greeley Urban Renewal Authoritypage.

West 10th Street Corridor Neighborhood Study

Additional information can be found on Public Works' 10th St Improvements page.

UNC Neighborhood Study

Sunrise Neighborhood Study

John Evans Neighborhood Plan

Smaller studies

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