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City of Greeley Watering Restrictions

The Greeley Water and Sewer Board determine watering restrictions each spring, at the April Board meeting.  Declaring an adequate water year or drought year is based on several factors:

  • Snowpack
  • Colorado-Big Thompson quota (C-BT)
  • Long-term weather projections
  • Water storage

At this time, we do not anticipate drought restrictions, but it is important to practice restraint and let plants wake up for spring naturally and not to start watering too early. According to ordinance, there is no lawn watering until April 15. 

In 2020, Greeley City Council approved changes to Greeley’s watering restrictions for single-family water budget customers. Changes include adjusting non-watering hours (10a.m.-6 p.m. and omitting day-of-the-week watering restrictions for water budget customers only 


When installing a new lawn, you must get a lawn watering variance. If you properly prepare your soil with compost and rototill it in, you will be given a larger water budget or more days to a week to water to get it established.  We require 4 cubic yards of compost for every 1,000 square feet of lawn.

2024 Watering Restrictions

April 15th to October 31st

(non-drought year)

There is no overhead watering between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Customer Class

Watering Days

Single Family Residential Customers
on a Water Budget

Any day of the week;
Recommend no more than 3 days per week

Non-Water Budget and Voluntary
Even Address Residential Customers

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Non-Water Budget and Voluntary
Odd Address Residential Customers

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Businesses, Places of Worship, Non-profits, Multifamily, HOAs, etc.

Sunday, Tuesday, Friday


  • New lawn variances (seed or sod) are available with proper soil amendment, compost (4 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet).
  • You can water trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable gardens anytime with low-volume drip irrigation emitters, bubblers, weeping-type soaker hoses, a watering can, or by hand with a restrictive hose nozzle. Hosing paved surfaces, including decks, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and building structures, is allowed with minimal runoff. Excessive water flow into the gutters is considered waste and could result in a violation.
  • Home car washing is allowed using a restrictive nozzle hose and bucket with minimal runoff.
  • Watering trees between October-March is allowed. Follow these tree watering recommendations to keep your landscape healthy and attractive.
  • Any resident who violates the restrictions during a calendar year can be fined:
    • First offense: $100 fine
    • Second offense: $250 fine
    • Third offense: $500 fine
    • Four or more: $500 fine and customer pays for installing a flow restrictor to limit water use.
    • NOTE: Fines occurring on non-residential properties will be doubled.
  • There is no lawn watering between January 1 and April 14 without a variance.

Cycle and Soak

This method of watering is very effective to water your lawns and eliminate runoff.  If you have a sprinkler clock that has multiple start times, take advantage of it and try the cycle and soak method. Rather than running your sprinklers for one long run time, divide it into 2 or 3 shorter cycles, and you may find that you may be able to cut down your total minutes run. Make sure that you have a non-watering period of 45-60 minutes in between cycles. It is important not to have it go more than 60 minutes between cycles. (We have seen customers splitting cycles between day and evening and that is NOT effective)  The first cycle wets the soil, and then second and third cycles soak into the root zone.

For a personalized watering schedule, request a free sprinkler assessment online or call 970-336-4228.

Sprinkler TypeTotal Run
Time Needed
(# minutes)
2 Cycles
(#  min. each)
3 Cycles
(# min. each)
Time Between Cycles
Spray heads1574-5 45-60 min
Rotor, Impact, or Rotary 4522 13-14 45-60 min 

Cycle and Soak Example

 Original Schedule    
  4 a.m.      
 Zone 1 (sprays) north side shady 13   
 Zone 2 (sprays) south side hot 15   
 Zone 3 (rotors) east morning sun 40   
 Zone 4 (rotary) west afternoon sun 45   
 Total run time 113   
 New Cycle and Soak (2 cycles)    
  4 a.m.     5 a.m.       
 Zone 1 (sprays) north side shady 66  
 Zone 2 (sprays) south side hot 7  
 Zone 3 (rotors) east morning sun 2020  
 Zone 4 (rotary) west afternoon sun 2024  
 Total run time 5357110 
 New Cycle and Soak (3 cycles)                 
  4 a.m.       5 a.m.      6 a.m.      
 Zone 1 (sprays) north side shady 4 4  4 
 Zone 2 (sprays) south side hot 4 4   4 
 Zone 3 (rotors) east morning sun121212 
 Zone 4 (rotary) west afternoon sun131313 
 Total run time 3333 33102   


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