Liquor Licensing

The liquor laws of the State of Colorado restrict the sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages. Any person intending to manufacture, sell, or deal in spirituous liquor in the State of Colorado must apply for a liquor license. The City Clerk's Office is responsible for accepting and processing liquor license applications as well as holding administrative hearings.

Liquor Variance Update - Temporary Modifications of Premises (COVID-19)

Emergency regulations were adopted to allow on-premises consumption licensed establishments to apply for temporary modifications in order to pre-plan for temporary outdoor seating areas to support social distancing requirements while complying with all public health orders and other liquor laws and regulations.

Please review the attached documents for additional information.

Governor's Executive Order on Liquor License Requirements

New: Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division Guidance on Executive Order D 2020 144.

LED is releasing this bulletin to clarify the parameters of the amended “last call” Executive Order that Governor Polis issued today to help curb the spread of COVID-19. 
Bulletin 20-14

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division issues guidelines about Governor Polis’ Executive Order temporarily suspending liquor license requirements for on-premises consumption licensees.
Executive Order D 2020 011

Liquor License Hearings

Business owners and managers as well as residents within a 1/2 mile radius of a new or existing liquor licensed establishment have the opportunity to participate in public hearings that determine the outcome of these applications.

To participate:

Attend a hearing or submit petitions and letters, in support or opposition to the City Clerk's Office, 1000 10th Street, Greeley CO 80631, anytime prior to the scheduled public hearing. Applications are available for review in the City Clerk's Office.

Liquor Licensing Authority agendas can be found in the City's Meeting Portal. You can access the portal by clicking the button below.

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Applying for a Liquor License

We recommend reviewing the comprehensive application packet with one of us to ensure a smooth application process. Approval of a liquor license requires City and State approval, so you may want to visit the State of Colorado Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division for additional information.


You may pick up a copy from the City Clerk’s Office for $25, if you prefer.


City Clerk’s Office 1000 10th Street, (970) 350-9743 or email with questions.

Additional Instructions:

  • We cannot process incomplete applications.
  • All forms must be typed or printed in black ink, accurate, complete in all aspects, and properly executed.
  • If you purchased an application for $25 that amount is deductible from your City application fees at the time of submission (hold onto your proof of payment!)

You may want to contact the following Department/Divisions for additional information and/or licenses that may be required as part of your liquor license application:

  • Finance Department, Sales Tax/Business Licensing, 350-9733
  • Community Development, Planning Division, 350-9780
  • Community Development, Building Inspection Division, 350-9830
  • Union Colony Fire & Rescue Authority, 350-9514
  • Police Department, Liquor Investigations, 350-9683
  • Weld County Health Department, 304-6415 Ext. 2212

Special Events Liquor License

Application must be filed at least 30 days prior to scheduled event

These are for qualified organizations to sell or dispense alcohol beverages in conjunction with fund raising and other activities while ensuring full compliance with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances.

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