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Any person wishing to base their business out of their home must submit an application for a Home Occupation Permit through the Planning Department. The fee is $25, due every three years.

City of Greeley Planning Department
1100 10th St
Greeley, CO 80631

Common Home Occupations

  • Art or photo studio
  • Sewing or tailoring
  • Professional office
  • Teaching or tutoring
  • Child care home
  • Board and care home
  • Clerical, word processing or desktop publishing services
  • Barber or beauty shop
  • Massage therapists who are state-certified
  • Agricultural produce sales

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This list is not complete; the full list can be found in our Municipal Code.

Zoning criteria in Section 18.36, Home Occupations, of the 1998 City of Greeley Development Code (rev. 2006)

  • All persons involved in carrying on the home occupation on the premises shall be legal and regular inhabitants of the dwelling unit. No other employees associated with the home occupation may be at the site for the purpose of conducting any part of the business operation
  • The dwelling unit shall continue to be used primarily for residential purposes; occupational activities shall be harmonious with the residential use
  • No sale and/or display of merchandise which requires customers to go to the property
  • The area used for the home occupation must not exceed 20% of the habitable portion of the dwelling unit, except where the home occupation is a board-and-care home or child-care home
  • The home occupation shall be confined within the dwelling and shall not include use of the garage, whether attached or detached, except for the parking of a vehicle associated with the home occupation
  • No on-premise signs advertising the home occupation
  • No use or storage of mechanical equipment or materials not recognized as being a part of normal household or hobby use
  • Only one vehicle not to exceed one-ton capacity and one trailer which cannot exceed 15 feet may be related to and used in conjunction with the home occupation and shall be parked on-site. Such parking shall not be located within any setback
  • Only one home occupation shall be permitted per residence, unless more than one home occupation can be operated using the same area within the residence, which shall constitute no more than 20% of the living space and can operate within the parameters of a single home occupation
  • Permitted home occupations that would otherwise exceed 10 trips per week shall be considered a major home occupation and shall be required to submit the home occupation request as a Use by Special Review meeting the provisions of Chapter 18.20 regarding special review.
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