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Sales Tax FAQs

The information contained below is a summary in layman's terms of the relevant Greeley tax law. It is not intended for legal purposes to be substituted for the full text of the Greeley Municipal Code and applicable rules and regulations. In the event that anything contained in the guide is found to be in conflict with the Greeley Municipal Code, the code shall prevail.

View the full Greeley Municipal Code here.

Sales Tax

What is Sales and Use Tax?
What is the City of Greeley’s Sales and Use Tax Rate?
When I buy something in Greeley I pay more than 4.11%, what other sales tax am I paying?
Who has to collect Sales Tax?
What forms do I have to file?
Who has to pay Use Tax?
What types of items or services are subject to Sales and Use Tax?
What items are exempt from Greeley Sales and Use Tax?
Are purchases for resale, sales to government or non-profits exempt?
How do I document a sale for resale, government or non-profit?
How is tax paid on a construction project?
How is Greeley Sales and Use tax paid on the purchase of an automobile?
Is Greeley sales tax due if the retailer is located in Greeley but the item purchased was shipped to the customer to a location outside of Greeley?
How is Greeley Sales Tax collected if a purchaser presents a coupon?
Are warranties or maintenance agreements taxable in Greeley?
Are there differences between the City of Greeley and State of Colorado Sales and Use Tax?
Does the City of Greeley conduct audits of taxpayers?
Should a business that provides lodging and meeting room facilities levy "lodging tax" on the amount paid for the use of meeting rooms?
What is the short-term rental policy?
Are State of Colorado Fees Taxable?
What is the 10 Cent Carryout Bag Fee?
How do I remit Colorado's 10 Cent Carryout Bag Fee?

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