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We provide City departments with a centralized source for pricing, quotations, order placement, vendor contact, and general purchasing functions; relieving them of these time-consuming tasks while providing cost effective purchases from the most qualified vendors.

Become a Vendor!

Complete a Vendor Application

Drop off, mail, or fax your application:
City of Greeley, Purchasing Division
1100 10th Street
Greeley Colorado 80631

Additional licenses may be required, dependent upon the bid. View our Business License Forms.

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We accept digital certificates of insurance.  They can be emailed to or sent U.S. mail to the address above.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The Bidding Process

Purchases over $50,000.00 are subject to a bidding process.

This site will serve as public notification to the City of Greeley Formal Bid Opportunities. Bid information is listed below.

Formal solicitations (Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposal, and Statements of Qualification) are posted on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS). This system services various agencies and provides a centralized site with instant access to bid opportunities throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Vendors interested in doing business with the City are encouraged to register on this site. Registration is free unless the vendor wishes to receive automatic notification from RMEPS of new bidding opportunities.

To register, visit, use the "Register" link, and complete your registration. If you are currently registered as a vendor on this system with another participating local agency, there is no need to register again. If help is needed with registration, please call the support department at BidNet toll free at 1-800-835-4603.

Advertisement for Final Payment on Capital Improvement Projects will be advertised through the Greeley Tribune and not on this site.

Please Note: The City of Greeley Purchasing Division cannot ensure the accuracy or completeness of information provided by private plan rooms. Please use Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing as your only source for bids, Requests for Proposal, and Requests for Information.

Finance | Bids

F23-07-062 -- Customer Information System (CIS) and Implementation Services
RFP #F23-08-073 - As Needed Design and Engineering Services
F23-09-080 - Rec Center Locker Room Remodel
F23-08-070 - Phase 3 Fiber Construction
F23-10-081 - On Call Professional Planner 2024
F23-11-082 - Suburban Ditch Pipeline Replacement
F23-11-084 -- Water Service Line Inspections
F23-11-083 -- WTRF Alkalinity Feed
F23-11-086 - As Needed Services for Planning, Environmental and Design
F23-11-087 - As Needed Professional Services for Survey
F23-11-088 - HVAC Renewable Service Agreement
F23-12-091 - Connected Greeley - Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption Pilot
F23-12-090 -Downtown Alley Trash & Recyclables Collection Pilot
F24-01-001 Sales Tax Software
F24-01-008 Consulting for the COG's 5-Year Consolidated Plan & Annual Action Plan
F24-01-005 Retiming Storage Investigation
F24-02-015 - Bellvue WTP Electrical Equipment
F24-01-011 -- Highland Hills Pump Station Control Panel
F24-03-023 - Interpretation and Translation Services-RFP
F24-03-022 -- Mental Health Services for Greeley Fire Department
F24-03-020 - Lincoln Park Design Services
F24-03-027 - 9th & 10th Street Preliminary Design - RFQ
F24-03-026 - Poudre River Bank Stabilization at 71st Avenue - BID
F24-03-029 - Recreation Divison Concession Services
F24-03-028 - Insurance Benefits Broker Services
F24-03-025 - Portable Toilets (Restrooms)
F24-03-031 - Real Time Information Center Software Platform
F24-04-033- 11th Avenue Traffic Signal Upgrade Project
F24-04-037 - On-Call Mediation Services - RFQ

Access all Greeley Open Bids on BidNet

Past or awarded solicitations are available by clicking the green button above

Surplus Items

Surplus items for the City are processed through the our division and handled through a private auction house. Sales are open to the public and may be advertised in the Greeley Tribune.

Contact us about upcoming auction dates at 970-350-9333.

Highway 34 Entrance
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1100 10th Street
Greeley Colorado 80631

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

970-350-9325 tel
More than one Google Analytics scripts are registered. Please verify your pages and templates.