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Building Greeley's Future
Updating the City's Development Code

Building on the City’s recent adoption of the Imagine Greeley Comprehensive Plan (2018), the Community Development Department has launched a full update to the Development Code. The last major update to the Development Code was in 1998. A lot has changed in the last 22 years, and the City is working to update the Development Code to meet the current and future needs of the citizens, businesses and visitors. We want to make Greeley the place where you live, work and play.

The intent of the Development Code Update is to:

  • Revise the processes and procedures to create predictable and consistent, but flexible standards
  • Provide more housing options for a variety of income levels, meet the current and future development needs, and develop viable, thriving neighborhoods
  • Develop best practices in connecting trails and streets, embedded open spaces and street types and housing compatibility and uses.

What's Next

We are tackling this big project in three phases, with a targeted adoption date of September 2021. City staff, with the help of the consulting team, Gouldevans, will conduct work sessions with the Planning Commission, City Council, and a citizen Advisory Committee.

Phase I: February 2021 - May 2021

Includes changes to the format and structure of the code. Changes to how the code is organized and sorted will occur in this phase. To view current proposed chapter drafts, click here.

Phase II: March 2021 - July 2021

Includes changes to some of the procedures and processes, with a goal of creating more efficient and flexible procedures throughout the code and setting standards that will encourage redevelopment and business reinvestment

Phase III: October 2020 - September 2021

These topics will form some of the policies that will shape and define the code language. These more complex topics are being broken down into smaller segments to be discussed with City Council at work sessions. The topics, with brief descriptions, can be found below. As the discussions occur, links to the You Tube videos will be added.

Planning & Zoning | Dev Code Timeline

Jan. 2021 - Missing Middle
Feb. 2021 - Small Format Housing
March 2021 - Infill Strategies
April 2021 - Placemaking - Downtown and form-based code approach


Quick Facts about the Development Code

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