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1700 Cedar Ave
Greeley, CO 80631
tel: (970)350-9386
fax: (970) 352-8704
M-F 7:30-4 (MST)
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Cemetery Locator

In order to help you locate interment sites at Linn Grove Cemetery we are providing you with the following tools. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (970)350-9385.


New - Click here to open the Mobile Linn Grove Interactive Mapping Application

Click here to open Linn Grove Interactive Mapping Application (requires Adobe Flash)

Click here to view the Linn Grove  Location Map (PDF 2MB)

Understanding the Map

Block - A “block” at Linn Grove Cemetery is an area including “sections,” “lots,” and/or “rows”. If a block contains a “section”, (since there is no column to indicate a section), Block 111, for example, would mean Block 11, Section 1. Our blocks go from letters A through Z, and from numbers 1 through 34 at this time. A few blocks are listed differently, such as Block Q West Annex, for example, which is listed as Block QWA. An area that used to be a roadway that now contains grave sites, such as the roadway between Block M and Block N, for example, is listed as Block MNR (for M-N Roadway). An area that used to be a reservation area that now contains grave sites will be listed similar to the Block P, South Reservation, which is Block PSR. These are three examples of variations on a simple Block letter or number.

Lot - The “Lot” column may mean either a lot or a row. In the lot or row are individual spaces, which are the individual grave sites.

Space - The individual grave sites are listed under the “space” column. Each space number has 3 digits in our computer, so a person who is buried in Space 1, for example, is listed in Space 001.

Level - The “level” indicates if there is more than one interment (standard burial) or inurnment (ashes) in one grave site. Most often, if someone is listed under “level” A, that person was the first person interred/inurned in that space. If listed under “level” B, they were most likely the second person interred/inurned in that space. This is not true in every case, but is the most likely scenario. If there are three question marks (???) listed under the “level”, then that person is either the only person in that grave site, or the first person to be placed in that grave site, as the question marks were used before we began using “A” or “B” exclusively. (We no longer use the question marks).