Greeley Fire Department

We provide service twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week, and we protect a total of 64 square miles. In addition to responding to requests for assistance, our firefighters are also involved in public education, stand-by duties requiring first aid or fire watches, and maintenance.

The City of Greeley has adopted the 2012 International Fire Code.

Mission statement and organizational values

To prevent harm through professional, compassionate service.

  • Greeley Fire DepartmentDedication: We are devoted to those we serve and each other.
  • Excellence: We strive to provide the highest quality in everything we do.
  • Honor: We take pride in the opportunity to serve.
  • Integrity: We value the trust of others.
  • Respect: We treat our citizens and each other with respect.
  • Safety: Safety is primary in everything we do.


Car seats

Make sure your car seat is installed correctly by visiting


Get a firsthand view of what we do. Come on a ride-along! Ride along application

Hazardous Materials and Tier II reporting

Fire Hazardous Materials and Tier II Reporting

Local reporting requirements

Community safety

Our Community Safety Division is here to help with the following:

  • Fire code compliance
  • New construction permits and plan review
  • Fire protection systems permits and plan review
  • Development review
  • Fire flow information
  • Fire safety education

For information on permits and reports, and to schedule inspections, please contact us at 970-350-9510 or

Permit Fee Schedule

For tips on how to be fire safe, check out the National Fire Protection Association.

Frequently asked questions

Fire FAQs

How do I become a firefighter?
Why do so many fire, police, and ambulance vehicles respond to an emergency?
Will the Fire Department charge me for their services?
What is the code on a open fire pit in the city and near a building?
Will you make sure my carseat is properly installed?

About us

Firefighters protect lives and property through activities associated with fire prevention, rescue, fire fighting, hazardous materials and emergency medical incidents and participates in the training and maintenance activities necessary to achieve that end; men and women dedicated to saving your life.

In addition to fire emergency response, we are involved in the following:

Fire response types

Hazardous materials response
Emergency medical response
Technical rescue response
Water rescue response
Wildland Fire Team

Front Range Fire Consortium

We are a member of the Front Range Fire Consortium (FRFC). Find more information at

Fire Truck

Contact Us


1100 10th Street, Suite 100
Greeley CO, 80631

970-350-9500 tel
970-350-9525 fax

Operations Chief:

Fire Chief:

Always open

Community Safety

1100 10th Street
Greeley, CO 80631
970-350-9510 tel

Fire Marshal:

Station Locations

Station 11420 2nd St 970-350-9500
Station 22301 Reservoir Rd 970-336-4020
Station 3150 35th Avenue 970-336-4240
Station 42191 1st Avenue 970-336-4022
Station 54701 24th Street 970-336-4070
Station 76623 West 10th St 970-336-4138