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The City of Greeley embraces artistic expression and encourages public art as a way of celebrating our community's vibrant cultural diversity. The Greeley Art Commission board is made up of volunteers appointed by city council, representing city wards and personnel from parks and recreation, the planning commission and the water and sewer board. The board oversees the Public Art Programs and assists in discovering art that recognizes and fosters a broad range of social, cultural and historic values that define Greeley.

The Greeley Art Commission is guided by the City of Greeley’s 2023 Art Master Plan which guides and supports the integration of art that contributes to Greeley’s identity. The plan also strengthens the city’s commitment to enhance and reinforce the community’s goals, visions, and values through the provision of art. The Art Master Plan has driven major art installations such as the "Go West" art fence installed around Centennial Village, the "Art & Soul" sculpture installed in front of the Union Colony Civic Center, "Flutterby" on 10th Street and 23rd Avenue and the "Uptown Tree" beautification project along the 8th Avenue corridor.

The art commission recognizes the importance of art forms in public places. The Public Art collection consists of over 350 works of rotating indoor art and more than 220 pieces of outdoor art that have been donated, gifted or purchased since the 1970’s. The collection is continually updated with new artwork as the art commission purchases several pieces of art annually.

Are you or someone you know interested in donating art to the City of Greeley? Complete an art donation form and submit for art commission review.

The City of Greeley’s Public Art Program Include the Following Efforts:

Current Art RFPs and Information

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News and Events

2023 Traffic Cabinet Art Installations

In Greeley, Colorado you can find murals splashed across downtown buildings, whimsical trees lining 8th Avenue, and stunning designs wrapped on our traffic cabinets. Public art is part of our city, and these designs aren't just random. They are part of an effort to beautify our city while providing a reflection of Greeley's culture and diversity.

The traffic cabinet mural project is highly accessible to emerging artists, offering a platform for their unique style, personality, and heritage.

Utility cabinet wrapped with artwork inspired by Greeley legend Rattlesnake Kate, with images of a snakeskin dress, sunflower, and cowboy hat

Read about our 2023 Traffic Cabinet installations on the My Greeley blog.

Three New Uptown Trees Grace Greeley

Three new trees have sprouted along Greeley’s 8th Avenue. They are part of the City of Greeley’s Uptown Trees public art project, which has seen 33 artistic tree sculptures installed between 17th Street and 7th Street since 2014. 

Learn more about the three new trees, their locations, and the artists and their work.

An artist's rendition of a tree using sinuous metal in curving lines, painted white against a bright blue sky in front of Greeley's Austin's restaurant.

“Arboreal Line” by Kelly Goff

New Sculpture Installed at Josephine B. Jones Park

A new sculpture, approved by the City of Greeley and the Art Commission, has been donated by a private citizen and was installed December 4 at Josephine B.  Park, 2631 52nd Avenue (

The park, which is sentimental to the donor’s family and friends, has not had new art in many years. The 11-foot-tall figurative bronze sculpture titled "Committed" was first created by artist Denny Haskew in 1994 with a limited edition of seven castings; one of which was purchased by the donor.

Haskew’s artwork conveys his innermost being. It is intensely personal and honest. His recurring themes are “spirit, love, forgiveness, healing, relationship, endurance, the sacredness of the human spirit, and the strength in each of us; the power of all that is natural.”

Watch for more information about a reception in 2024.

Bronze sculpture of Native American in crucifix form with a bright sash arching behind.

Haskew’s sculpture, "Committed," depicts a Native American – a member of the Dog Soldier Society, sometimes called a "Sash Wearer.” The bronze is newly installed at Josephine B. Jones Park, north of Highway 34.

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