Long Range Planning

Did you know?

  • Greeley’s population will double in less than 40 years to over 200,000 people
  • Greeley’s population will grow to 48% larger than today’s population in 20 years
  • Greeley will grow from 105,000 today to 155,000 people by 2038.
Where will all these people live? Where will they work?
What will they do in their spare time?
How will they get around the City?
Will we have enough parks, trails, open lands, Streets, utilities, police and fire protection for them?

In other words, will Greeley still be Greeley?

Long Range Planning is concerned with planning for the future City of Greeley. By monitoring population and growth trends, tracking where critical public facilities are adequate to accommodate growth, participating in facility master plans and neighborhood plans, and periodically updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Long Range Planning helps make sure the Greeley stays as great as it is now.

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