Historic Preservation

Here in Greeley we pride ourselves in preserving our historic properties and areas as well as celebrating Greeley’s history and our significant buildings, sites, and districts. To accomplish this we:

  • Designate properties on the Greeley Historic Register
  • Help provide financial incentives for work on designated properties
  • Ensure the preservation of the characteristics that make designated properties unique and important
  • Host events and provide resources to interested groups
    • Walking tours
    • History brown bags
    • Celebrate Historic Preservation Month every May

We'd love to talk with you about historic preservation and Greeley’s unique history!  Please give us a call, send an email or come join us at an event or meeting!

2015 Historic Preservation Month Awards

Individual Award: Norman Noe

Main Street In appreciation for his promotion of historic preservation and Greeley's history, Norman Noe received the Individual award.
Photo courtesy of City of Greeley Museums, Permanent Collection, 1976.143.0007
. Click to view full size.
PDF Award

Contractor/Design Professional Award: Joe Molina

Musils Supply and Repair In appreciation for his rehabilitation of the building at 930 8th Avenue, Joe Molina, Molina Art LLC  received the Contractor/Design Professional Award.
Photo Courtesy of City of Greeley Museums, Permanent Collection, 1970.22.0022.354. Click to view full size.
PDF Award

News and events

We have a variety of events going on throughout the year including informational lunches and walking tours. See upcoming events and recent news below.

Upcoming events

Dust to Dazzle Event Program

The Greeley Historic Preservation Commission and Historic Greeley, Inc. invite the public to celebrate Historic Preservation Month at the “Dust to Dazzle: Historic Building Resource Fair,” to be held on Saturday, May 16
th from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Greeley Recreation Center, 651 10th Avenue.  Residents are invited to an open house, where building contractors and specialists will discuss how to maintain and enhance older buildings. 

Presenters will include the following:

9:00 a.m.              “Plaster Disaster Recovery: Restoring the Kress.” Ron Thompson, a property owner and historic building contractor, will talk about the rehabilitation of the Kress plaster ceiling.

9:40 a.m.              “Preservation Tax Credits – In Other Words, How to Earn Money While Rehabilitating Your Building.” Patrick Eidman, History Colorado, will present an overview of the historic preservation tax credits available for rehabilitation projects on historic buildings.

10:20 a.m.           “They Don’t Make Homes Like They Used To: Rehab Your House Right.” KKevin Murray, Empire Carpentry, will provide an hour of information and discussion on what you can do to restore or rehabilitate the exterior of your home, or building correctly. Subjects included: Style of house, Do’s & Don’ts, repair, painting and security.

Attendees can come and go throughout the morning.

Residents are also invited to celebrate this year’s Historic Preservation Month award winners at the Historic Preservation Month Reception, which will be in conjunction with “Dust to Dazzle” and will be held at approximately 11:30 a.m. in the same location.  The Historic Preservation Month Awards are awarded to recipients for exceptional contributions to Greeley’s historic preservation efforts in individual, organization, and/or contractor/design professional categories.  The Historic Preservation Commission will recognize Norman Noe for his years of service to Greeley and his promotion of historic preservation and Greeley’s history in the individual award category, and to Joe Molina for the interior rehabilitation and reuse of the building at 930 8th Avenue in the contractor/design professional category.

May is National Historic Preservation Month, which celebrates the heritage and preservation of historical, architectural and archaeological resources significant in our local, state and national development.  “History in the Making: Celebrating Youth in Preservation” is the statewide theme for Historic Preservation Month.

For more information, contact Betsy Kellums in the Historic Preservation Office at or 970.350.9222. 

  • Walking Tour

    Walking Tour: Downtown Greeley
    Monday, June 01 | 7:00 PM
  • Walking Tour: Glenmere Park Tree Tour
    Monday, June 15 | 6:30 PM
  • Historic Preservation Brown Bag

    Historic Preservation Brown Bag: 10th Anniversary of the Museum and the 20th Anniversary of Historic Preservation in Greeley at the Greeley History Museum
    Thursday, June 25 | 12:00 PM

Historic Preservation Commission

The commission is comprised of seven individuals appointed by the City Council to serve the community by identifying, preserving and protecting Greeley's historic resources for present and future generations. For information on upcoming meetings, minutes, agendas, and members, see the Historic Preservation Commission page.

Historic properties

Ever wanted to know the story about that old house down the street? Learn more about Greeley homes and buildings on our inventoried properties page.

Eligible properties can be added to the Greeley Historic Register. This allows your property to receive recognition for its historical, architectural, and/or geographical significance in Greeley’s history and ensures that the historic qualities will be maintained in the future. Additionally, you may be eligible for additional benefits, such as grant funds, low interests loans, tax credits, and other incentives.

Interested in applying?

We'll walk you through the process on our historic register page.

Looking for additional resources?

The following organizations have more information on historic preservation:

Learn more

Interested in learning more about a historical property? We are here to help! Here are some online resources:

Don't forget to check out our virtual tour of downtown Greeley.

Contact us for additional resources at 970-350-9222 or, or see our news and events page for upcoming opportunities.


Looking for a specific document? We have our presentations, brochures, application forms and more available in our download library.


See below for items for sale by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Guidebooks for Historic Downtown Greeley

“Downtown Greeley has a story to tell.  The story begins with the establishment of Greeley and the platting of Lincoln Park, and it is not over yet.  The 1870 park and a 1974 concrete commercial building have significant voices in this story, with many treasures between them.  Did you know

  • Greeley had one of the first  self-service grocery stores, before it became the norm?
  • Downtown Greeley had several sulfur steam baths?
  • Several buildings in downtown were designed by well known Greeley and Colorado architects, including Greeley’s first female architect?

Find out about these facts and more inside.  Take a new look at downtown Greeley when you read about the people and businesses that helped Greeley get where it is today.”

GREELEY, COLORADO: History and Architecture of its Downtown Buildings is full of history, architectural information and photos of historic Downtown Greeley.  Learn little-known facts about Greeley’s historic downtown.

Coffee Mugs!

Warm up with a cup of something hot in a mug featuring a historic property in Greeley! The Historic Preservation Commission is selling coffee mugs featuring several Greeley Historic Register properties to raise funds to purchase bronze plaques for Greeley Historic Register properties that lack them. Mugs are priced as follows and have colored interiors including red, black, or blue.

Coffee Mug

1 mug for $6

2 mugs for $11

3 mugs for $16

4 mugs for $20

Properties featured on the mugs include: The State Armory, the Apple House, the Greeley Tribune Building/Greeley History Museum, and the Neill House.

Windows of Time Historic Preservation Documentary

Together, GTV8 and the Historic Preservation Commission produced Windows of Time, a show about historic preservation in Greeley. Experience local history told through stories about people and historic buildings, sites, structures and objects with which they are associated. DVDs of these shows are available for purchase for $10 each at the Historic Preservation office.

  • From the Volga to the Platte: Germans from Russia in Greeley

    • Many Germans came to the United States for opportunity for a better life after moving to Russia in the 18-19th centuries. They came Greeley to work in the sugar beet fields and then on to other occupations. Learn about their experiences coming to the US; their work ethic, education, religion, culture and traditions; lives during the World Wars, and the Sunrise Park neighborhood where their legacy endures today.
  • J.M.B. Petrikin and the Masonic Temple

    • Learn about the Masonic Temple at 829 10th Avenue and one of the grand masters of the Lodge. Petrikin was a prominent local banker, citizen, and the leader of the lodge when the temple was built in 1927. See footage inside the temple, historic photos, as well as stories about Petrikin, his home on Inspiration Point, and the temple.
  • P.O.W. Camp 202

    • How much do you know about the World War II camp that existed west of Greeley from 1943-1946? Learn about the German prisoners, farmers, local citizens, and the only visible remains of Camp 202; the two stone pillars on the north side of Highway 34. Interviews and excerpts from a prisoner's letter showcase the relationship local residents, particularly farmers, had with the prisoners.
  • No. 3 Ditch

    • The history of the ditch highlights the importance of water and irrigation in the establishment of Greeley. Learn how Greeley’s early settlers created and used the No. 3 Ditch as well as its impacts  today. Start at the headgate and follow the ditch through town, with interviews and narration explaining the ditch’s history, irrigation and recreational uses of the ditch, historical legal issues, and the continued significance along the way.