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Storm water drainage is an often overlooked part of the Public Works infrastructure. The more visible elements of Public Works, such as roads, bridges, traffic signs, etc. are seen in our everyday lives, while storm water drainage structures are largely hidden from the public view.The drainage infrastructure, owned by the City and citizens of Greeley, consists of hundreds of miles of underground pipes, thousands of individual fixtures and many other surface and subsurface features.  This stormwater infrastructure is designed to carry rainfall and snow melt which may otherwise cause flooding and/or damage to public and private property.

The Street Division is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and repair of all storm water drainage features that are a part of the City’s stormwater infrastructure. The majority of these will be found within the City limits; however, a small percentage of these will be found outside of City boundaries.  In addition to the City's stormwater infrastructure the City of Greeley Street division provides maintenance of detention ponds, ditches, inlets, culverts, catch basins, Union Colony # 3 Ditch and Poudre River.

The Street Division Stormwater team has developed a schedule for cleaning all storm water drainage fixtures.  This schedule ensures all storm water drainage pipe, inlets, basins, chases, etc. are cleaned on a routine basis.

Priority Cleaning
Priority cleaning of stormwater elements is usually a situation where action needs to be taken either immediately or within the next working day. Priority calls may be received from a number of sources, such as: citizens, businesses, other Departments or Divisions. All priority calls shall be investigated in a timely manner. Assessment of the situation can then determine if an immediate response is required or if the situation can be scheduled for a later time, not to exceed 24 hours.

  • All inlets and basins within the public right-of-way shall be cleaned a minimum of four times a year.
  • Underground stormwater pipe shall be cleaned at a minimum of 55,000 feet a year.
  • All selected ditches within the City’s infrastructure shall be inspected annually and cleaned when needed.
  • All selected culverts within the City’s infrastructure shall be cleaned a minimum of one time biannually.
  • Key culverts throughout the City shall be cleaned two times per year.
  • Surface features found within our infrastructure (chases, troughs, etc.) shall be cleaned a minimum of one time biannually.
Line Locator - Call Before You Dig !!

One way to maintain the infrastructure is by preventing damage before it occurs. This is where the City of Greeley’s stormwater line locator plays an important part. This person travels to different locations throughout the City and marks the location above ground where buried stormwater lines will be found. Construction companies, utility companies, homeowners doing landscape work and many others take advantage of this service.This service is free of charge. The City of Greeley stormwater line locator checks thousands of locations annually. This service has prevented damage to our stormwater system in hundreds of cases.

The City of Greeley is an active member of the Colorado “One Call” system. This membership has led to a greater awareness of underground utilities and a higher rate of compliance with the law. To schedule a locate Please call 1-800-922-1987 -  You can also visit the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at this link

When structural problems are found the City of Greeley Street Division will note all the available details and turn in all information to the City’s Stormwater Division for repair.

The Street Division will perform rebuilding of catch basins, chases, etc. Pipe replacement not exceeding sixty feet in length will will also be performed by the Street Division. Iron grates and racks will also be maintained or upgraded.

The Street Division will generally not replace pipe sections in excess of sixty feet, perform total manhole rehabilitation projects, repair any features covered under a warranty policy, or perform any task that is beyond the safety capability of the City’s personnel or equipment. Projects falling outside of these guidelines will be put out to bid.