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Vegetation Management

The Street Division is responsible for the control of all noxious weeds and maintains 573 acres along main arterials, right-of-ways, bike paths, detention ponds, City owned ditches, lots and easements with more being added annually.
The Vegetation Management program covers the following aspects of vegetation management:

  • Mowing: Spring and summer require mowing of weeds to control weeds so that they do not exceed 12 inches in height per City ordinance.
  • Spraying:  Spring is when the majority of spraying is accomplished. Spraying is done along all main arterials, right-of-ways, bike paths, detention ponds, city owned ditches, lots, easements and state highways. In addition, cracks in the pavement where curb and gutter meet pavements, and cracks in sidewalks are also sprayed. There will be no spraying any herbicide with wind speed reaching 6 m.p.h.
  • Re-Seeding: The Re-seeding Program is designed to choke out weeds and establish the grasses within the City. Re-seeding will also aid in erosion control, dust and tumbleweed problems caused by cold season winds that blow after the weeds have died. With the establishment of grass in these designated areas, this will eventually decrease the amount of herbicides sprayed and mowing operations. This program will enhance the appearance and aid in the beautification of the City.
  • Right-of-way cleaning: Removal of debris and trash that accumulates in the right-of-way.  In addition to Right-of-way cleaning the Street Division sponsors the community 'Adopt-A-Street' program (click here to learn more)