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Announcements: 2011 Smart Irrigation Month


2011 Smart Irrigation Month 


The City of Greeley supports July as Smart Irrigation Month in conjunction with the Irrigation Association and the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense program. Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative developed by the Irrigation Association designed to educate the public about the benefits of water-saving practices, products, and services. July is typically a peak month for water use due to lawn watering. Therefore, July is identified as Smart Irrigation Month to draw attention to efficient irrigation technology and techniques, and the need to use water wisely.

On July 20, Greeley Water Conservation staff will speak about smart irrigation practices as part of the monthly, Environmental Brown Bag Series presented by the Greeley Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee. The workshop takes place at the Centennial Park Branch Library at 2227 23rd Avenue from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Below are five tips that will help you irrigate more efficiently.

  1. Learn how to program your irrigation controller. Adjusting the run time and the frequency of watering based on current local weather conditions is the best way to give your plants the water they need.

  2. Apply water in two to three short cycles rather than one long one to allow water to soak in without runoff.

  3. Add a smart controller to your system. Smart controllers use information about site conditions and applying the right amount of water based on factors such as soil conditions and weather. Rebates on smart controllers are available in Greeley.

  4. Install a pressure-reducing valve to your system. High water pressure leads to misting and as much as 25 percent water lost to evaporation.

  5. Keep your system maintained and in good working condition. Adjust sprinkler heads to keep water on the landscape and off pavement and structures.




2011 Smart Irrigation Month 


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