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Water and Sewer > Announcements > Speak Up: August 23 - Water Resources & Fiscal Responsibility  

Announcements: Speak Up: August 23 - Water Resources & Fiscal Responsibility


Speak Up: August 23 - Water Resources & Fiscal Responsibility 


Resident Input Wanted on Water Resources & Fiscal Responsibility

On Tuesday, August 23, the Greeley City Council will have a public discussion with residents about two issues: the City’s fiscal condition including the handling of recessionary impacts and the City of Greeley’s on-going effort to plan for future water needs.

Many people I talk to think that we’re on the right track keeping the budget balanced, while still investing in Greeley’s future by securing water rights and building a pipeline from the mouth of the Poudre Canyon to Greeley. For City officials to accurately assess how Greeley residents really feel about these two essential areas of city government, we need your input.

On Thursday, August 23 at the
Northridge High School cafeteria these two areas will be explored with residents who would like to hear more about the City’s fiscal condition and the need to secure Greeley’s water future.

This Speak Up session will include use of an electronic input system, shared with the City of Loveland that let’s residents Speak Up anonymously. Of course, we’ll also have opportunities for input at the mic and in writing for those who are interested in speaking up that way.

Please plan on attending so that we can hear from Greeley residents.

From the August 2011, City Scoop Newsletter.





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