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Announcements: Greeley Water & Sewer Awards Outstanding Employees


Greeley Water & Sewer Awards Outstanding Employees 


Since 1997, the city of Greeley Water & Sewer Department has presented employee awards. The department employs 114 full time workers and annually recognizes employees who are worthy of recognition. The Water & Sewer Department's Best Suggestion award serves to recognize employees for great ideas that have been suggested over the past year and approved for implementation, while the W.D. Farr Top Hand award recognizes employees for their outstanding work ethic and job performance that routinely demonstrates a commitment to go above and beyond.

The winner for the water Top Hand award is Lory Stephens . She has been the Senior Administrative Specialist for the Water and Sewer Department since 2006. Lory is the executive secretary to the Director, the liaison to the Water & Sewer Board, and the office manager. Last year, Lory successfully temporarily filled in for several vacant positions, in addition to completing her regular duties. She is always happy to jump in and assist anyone with any project or conflict.

The wastewater Top Hand award winner is Grant Ruff . He has worked at Greeley's Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) for 14 years as a Plant Operator A. This year, Grant took big steps to improve work areas at WPCF. He took the initiative to strip and wax a floor that was in need of attention. This project saved the City approximately $3000, the amount it would have cost to redo the floor. In addition, a quote to carpet the area was $1300, which saved as well. Grant also took charge of organizing operations files, lab shelves and equipment.

A special Top Hand award was presented to Frank Brooks , the Water Operations Manager. Frank has worked for the City of Greeley for 25 years. He is responsible for the operation, maintenance and regulatory compliance of the City's drinking water and non-potable systems. Frank raised performance standards and financial responsibility of all the divisions he manages. His personal work ethic and dedication to his job has been a model for the entire department.

The Water Best Suggestion Award winner is Steve Robben , Water Instrument Technician. Steve suggested changes to the Water Department's radio communication systems. The cost of the equipment used is ΒΌ the price of the conventional radio system. In addition to the cost savings, these systems run more smoothly.

The Wastewater Best Suggestion Award goes to Bruce Reed , Maintenance Mechanic. Bruce designed and constructed filter boxes for the outside louvers at the WPCF building where six energy efficient high-speed blowers were recently installed . This will aid in keeping the new blowers and the building clean and dust free. This solution can be easily adjusted to accommodate future changes.





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