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Announcements: 11th Avenue Toilet Replacement Pilot Project


11th Avenue Toilet Replacement Pilot Project 


For several years, the Greeley Water Conservation Program has used a targeted fixture replacement methodology that integrates analysis of water billing records with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to target areas of high winter water use that could benefit from toilet retrofits. A “toilet map”was created using this data. The map identifies varying levels of indoor water use in Greeley.

The 11th Avenue corridor was highlighted as having high indoor use. The higher use is predominantly due to older construction with outdated water fixtures and a higher density population. Partnering with the Weld County Youth Corps for labor, Greeley purchased low flow toilets (1.28 gallons per flush) and began an outreach program to property owners along 11th Avenue from 20th Street to 13th Street. Greeley provided the toilet, wax ring, hardware, water supply line and the labor to install the toilet. The property owner needed to fill out and return a form to reserve toilets.

The first installation was 33 low flow toilets at an apartment house along 11th Avenue. After installation, water usage declined by 30%, an average of 50,000 gallons per month. Overall, 206 low flow toilets were installed during the summer of 2011 for customers on 11th Avenue. Staff anticipates that water savings for the remainder of the low flow toilet installations will show similar savings.





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