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Announcements: Update: Windy Gap Firming Project


Update: Windy Gap Firming Project 


The proposed Windy Gap Firming Project achieved a significant milestone with the release of its Final Environmental Impact Statement. The project's key feature is construction of Chimney Hollow Reservoir southwest of Loveland. The project would increase the reliability of the existing Windy Gap Project, a project that started delivering water to Front Range municipalities from the west slope in 1985. The 90,000 acre-foot Chimney Hollow Reservoir would be just west of and slightly smaller than Carter Lake. Several approvals related to construction, water quality and other issues must be obtained prior to design and construction of the project.

Northern Water's Municipal Subdistrict is coordinating the project on behalf of 13 water providers. Greeley is one of the providers involved in this regional collaborative effort to increase water storage in Northern Colorado.

Expanding water storage is a key component of Greeley's effort to ensure a healthy community water supply in the future. The Windy Gap Firming Project is one of the proposed initiatives that will help Greeley accomplish this goal.

More information about the project and a copy of the FEIS is available at .





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