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Announcements: Water and Fracking


Water and Fracking 


Fracking is a process to extract oil and natural gas from the ground. Weld County is part of the Niobrara Shale, which is an area rich in natural resources that has brought many jobs to the region. Many people are also concerned about impacts of fracking on water supplies.

Fracking is not controlled at the municipal level, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulates it. In addition, the US EPA is in the process of evaluating the potential impacts of fracking on drinking water.

Greeley's drinking water is safe. For its raw water source , Greeley uses surface water originating far to the west of any fracking activities. Although Greeley doesn't use local ground water for drinking, the shale is generally a mile below any groundwater used the surrounding area.

Greeley sells and rents surplus water to industrial and agricultural customers. Recently, oil and gas companies have been purchasing water for fracking operations in Weld County. Greeley's planning for future water demands does not include sales to the oil and gas industry.

The City of Greeley has more information online regarding oil and gas development in the area.





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