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Water and Sewer > Announcements > Milton Seaman Reservoir and the Hewlett Gulch Fire  

Announcements: Milton Seaman Reservoir and the Hewlett Gulch Fire


Milton Seaman Reservoir and the Hewlett Gulch Fire 


A mid-May wildfire occurred in Hewlett Gulch near Greeley’s Milton Seaman Reservoir.

Milton Seaman Reservoir was closed for maintenance before the fire erupted, and water is not being released from it for use at this time. Instead, that water has been replaced with supplies from other sources such as Horsetooth Reservoir and Boyd Lake. Any risk to the quality of Greeley’s water could come about later but there is no likelihood of any effect on our water right now.

Water levels in the reservoir was low because of the ongoing maintenance work. Greeley has nevertheless been happy to work with the US Forest Service, as we did during the Picnic Rock fire of 2004; their helicopters drew water from Milton Seaman to try to protect the lives and homes threatened by the fire. The amount of water drawn from Milton Seaman did not jeopardize the City’s water supply.






Created at 5/17/2012 4:54 PM  by Natalie Stevens 
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