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Water and Sewer > Announcements > High Park Fire Impact on Greeley Water Supply  

Announcements: High Park Fire Impact on Greeley Water Supply


High Park Fire Impact on Greeley Water Supply 


The Hewlett Gulch fire in May burned down to the Milton Seaman Reservoir and now the 47,000-acre High Park fire is actually re-burning some of those same areas, in addition to threatening other city assets and high mountain reservoirs.  Much of the burned area is part of the watershed that provides the City of Greeley’s drinking water.

Greeley’s drinking water meets or exceeds all drinking water standards and will always be safe to drink.  Our drinking water is not affected at this time but rain washes ash and debris into rivers and reservoirs, which can cause a smoky odor or taste.  We are fortunate to have built redundancies into our system that provide alternatives when any source is threatened.

We will be working with federal and partner agencies to mitigate the burned areas in an effort to reduce the amount of runoff from future rains.  In the meantime, please notify the Water and Sewer Department at 970-350-9811 if you have questions.

Please keep in mind:
  • Greeley’s water meets all drinking water standards and will always be safe to drink.
  • Possible effects over time may include a smoky taste or odor in the water which does not affect its safety.
  • At this time, the quality of the drinking water supply is not affected and Greeley’s water treatment staff is working hard to maintain its high quality.
  • If customers notice any change in flavor or odor of their tap water, please call 970-350-9811.
The Greeley City Council heard a report on June 12 regarding the current and possible impacts of the High Park Fire on Greeley’s water supply.  The presentation covered the challenges to Greeley’s water supply and the actions the City is currently taking and will take in the future to ensure that the community’s water resources are safe for residents and other water customers.  To watch the presentation online visit:





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