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Announcements: Landscape Workshop Offered in Sunrise Neighborhood


Landscape Workshop Offered in Sunrise Neighborhood 


The City of Greeley offered a free landscape workshop for homeowners on Thursday, August 16 at the Greeley Mennonite Church at 402 11th Street. The workshop helped residents learn proper do-it-yourself landscape care.

Topics covered included Greeley’s landscape requirements, tree care for new and established trees, proper soil preparation, new lawn installation, and efficient lawn watering.

A well-maintained landscape has many benefits. It can raise property values, keep homes cooler in the summer, and help reduce air and water pollution. It is also a way for citizens to do their part in beautifying Greeley’s neighborhoods.

This event was a partnership of several City of Greeley Departments and Divisions including Water Conservation, Code Compliance, Neighborhood Resources, Forestry, and Stormwater. The City plans to present additional workshops in 2013.

Please call 970-336-4167 for additional information on this workshop.





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