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Water and Sewer > Announcements > Drought and Late Season Lawn Watering: Voluntary Restrictions  

Announcements: Drought and Late Season Lawn Watering: Voluntary Restrictions


Drought and Late Season Lawn Watering: Voluntary Restrictions 


The City of Greeley usually recommends stopping regular lawn watering on October 15, since that is around the time the first freeze occurs and could damage underground sprinkler systems. This year however, the City of Greeley is asking water customers to voluntarily stop lawn watering on or before October 1.  This will keep more water in our reservoirs for use over the winter and will help out once lawn watering resumes in the springtime. Due to drought conditions and wildfires in the Poudre River watershed Poudre River water was unusable most of this summer and has limited supplies this year.  Water levels in Boyd Lake and Lake Loveland are extremely low as the city relied on the Boyd Lake side more this year.  Below are photos of the low levels in these lakes.

The watering restrictions normally extend to December 31, to allow customers to water trees and shrubs in the winter.  Residents are still encouraged to water trees and shrubs this year because of the dry conditions.  Please water only when needed.





Created at 9/20/2012 2:50 PM  by Natalie Stevens 
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