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Announcements: What is a Sewer Ceiling?


What is a Sewer Ceiling?  


It is the method used to calculate residential wastewater rates for the entire year.

Every month water customers get a bill for total water use based on meter readings. The sewer bill is calculated by how much water is used during winter months. During the months of January and February, the city measures the amount of water each residential customer uses. The sewer bill for residential accounts is determined by the amount of water used in January or February. Usage during either of these two months typically does not included water used to irrigate landscaping; therefore the winter water use is also the water that goes down the sewer drain and gets processed at the wastewater treatment plant. The Water Department uses this system to allow customers to use more water during the summer months but to keep the sewer charge low. A use based sewer rate billing method is more equitable to all sewer customers because it bases the household's bill directly to the actual amount of water they place in the sewer system.





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