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Announcements: 2013 Drought Awareness


2013 Drought Awareness 



Greeley pays attention to water.  The City has had a mandatory watering restrictions since 1907. On April 17, the Water and Sewer Board will decide whether our supplies for 2013 will be “Adequate” or whether additional drought restrictions are necessary. Look for information in the local media,, and in your May water bills.

Even if the Board decides the water supply is adequate, the Greeley Water & Sewer Department is asking its customers to voluntarily water less this summer. Below are a few of our recommendations:

  • Wait until May 1 to begin watering your lawn, don’t wake up your lawn early.  
  • Even if it is determined to be an adequate water year, voluntarily follow these Drought Level 1 recommendations, which will keep your lawn healthy and will be water efficient:
      • One day per week until May 14
      • Two days per week until June 14
      • Three days per week until August 31
      • One day per week until October 15
      • No watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
      • It is strongly recommended that newly seeded or sodded lawns not be installed during June, July or August and compost must be verified before issuing a variance.

This watering schedule was developed after the drought of 2002 to keep lawns healthy but not lush.

The snowpack for this year is well below average and many Colorado cities have already enacted tougher watering restrictions on their residents.  The wildfires last year and the potential for fires this season also add a major strain on our water system.

Every water system is unique. The City of Greeley is proud of its long history of prior planning that has allowed us to handle periods of water shortages and droughts, but we still need your help.  For further information, please call 336-4134.  

Learn more about current drought conditions and statewide drought response at:

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