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Announcements: How to use a Rain/Sprinkler Gauge


How to use a Rain/Sprinkler Gauge 


Rain/Sprinkler Gauges are designed to measure how much rain or irrigation water was received over a period of time. Gauges are easy to use and can be an accurate way to measure how much water your lawn and plants are getting. Free rain gauges are available at the City of Greeley Water Conservation Office at 1100 10th Street on the 3rd floor. Here is how to use one:

  • Start with a clean and dry gauge.
  • Place the gauge straight up and down at the location where you want to measure the rain or the amount the sprinkler is emitting. Make sure your gauge is secure so it won’t tip over.
  • It’s ideal to find a place for your gauge that’s not obstructed in any way by trees, bushes or anything that might obstruct the water. For measuring the amount of water from a sprinkler, place the gauge half way between the sprinkler head and the drip line.
  • Write down in a notebook or calendar the amount of rain you received to get an idea of the total amount received for that week. This will help to determine if your lawn will need additional watering for that week and prevent overwatering.
  • Check your gauge every day at the same time to get an accurate measurement.

Below is a chart of how many inches of rain/watering per week required for a healthy lawn.

If you want someone to do the measuring for you and develop a custom watering schedule, sign up for an irrigation audit:





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