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Announcements: Fall Landscaping Tips


Fall Landscaping Tips 


Here are some landscaping tips for fall.

  1. Core aerate your lawn. Leave cores on the ground and let them break down naturally. Overseed if necessary and top dress your lawn with compost.

  2. September and October are the best months for planting bulbs, like tulips, and dividing perennials, iris, and lilies. Plant them now and they will bloom in the spring. Reducing turf and adding flowers to your yard will help you save water in the future.

  3. Fall is a good time to sow wildflower seed because winter cold and moisture will promote seed germination the following spring.

  4. During the fall and winter (October through March) water trees depending on weather, temperature, and soil conditions. You should water in the winter when it is above 40 degrees and when there is no snow cover. Watering your trees is essential during dry periods in the fall, winter, and early spring, when you aren't watering your lawn.

  5. Pick up and compost leaves and grass clippings. These can block catch basin and inlets allowing for potential flooding problems. In addition, they affect the oxygen contents in lakes and rivers and cause fish kills in waterways. Never use streams or gutters to dispose of yard waste. You can also take organic yard refuse to the GROW recycling center located on E. 8th Street in Greeley.  You can make your own compost, check out our guide to backyard composting to help get started.





Created at 9/24/2013 9:04 AM  by Natalie Stevens 
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