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Announcements: Greeley Water & Sewer Awards Outstanding Employees


Greeley Water & Sewer Awards Outstanding Employees 


Since 1997, the City of Greeley Water & Sewer Department has presented awards to employees who are the best at what they do. The Water & Sewer Department's Best Suggestion award serves to recognize employees for great ideas that have been implemented over the past year. The W.D. Farr “Top Hand” award recognizes employees for their outstanding work ethic and job performance and is given to those who routinely demonstrate a commitment to go above and beyond.

The winners of the 2013 W.D. Farr Top Hand award are John Widerman, a Maintenance Mechanic at Reservoirs and Jim Widerman, a Maintenance Mechanic at the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant. In addition to being the go-to guys for anything mechanical, Jim and John Widerman saved the City over $25,000 this year by developing a removable bulk head system that allowed gates at Seaman Reservoir to be opened and closed without losing any of Greeley’s stored water. John Widerman was also recognized for his operational skill after the 2012 wildfires that dramatically changed treatment and operations at the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant. John has taken increasing responsibility looking at the ‘big picture’ as he balances citywide water demand and available supplies.

Steve Robben, a Water Instrument Technician at Reservoirs, won the Water Best Suggestion Award. He saved the Department approximately $50,000 by finding a way to avoid a costly replacement of magmeters that were not working as specified. Steve installed a strap on transmitter to the 48” and 18” magnetic flow meters at no cost. These had previously been purchased for another project and were no longer needed. This is a great example of Steve’s efforts to troubleshoot and save the department money.

Bob Alexander, an Industrial Pre-Treatment Specialist at the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF), won the Wastewater Best Suggestion Award. Bob is known as the ‘MacGyver’ at WPCF. He has designed and built various sampling equipment for different sampling locations to make it easier and safer to set-up a sampler and collect samples in hard to reach areas. Bob has designed and implemented many other devices “on the fly” for flow monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, and wastewater sampling. This year, Bob designed a cable hanger system that attaches to the sides of a manhole instead of the commonly used hanger that props on the manhole ring. This new device prevents the expensive sampler from flipping and being lost. Bob also designed a PVC bracket that holds the sample tube vertical in the flow and allows for self-cleaning of paper and rags that tend to clog and accumulate on the sampling line.

John Widerman

Jim Widerman

Steve Robben

Bob Alexander





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