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Announcements: Saving Water, Beautifying Landscapes


Saving Water, Beautifying Landscapes 


The Center for ReSource Conservation (CRC), a nonprofit organization serving the Front Range, is offering Garden-In-A-Box (GIAB) kits again this spring.

Click here to go to the Garden-In-A-Box store to order your gardens.

For many years, the CRC has partnered with professional landscape designers to create easy to plant xeric gardens that will flourish in our Colorado climate.  The GIAB kits include everything that you will need to plant a water saving garden that provides beautiful perennial plants that are attractive from Spring-Fall.  GIAB products provide a 70-100 square foot garden with professional “plant-by-number” designs, a selection of 15-29 ready to plant perennials in 4” pots, and planting and care instructions. GIAB is the perfect way to save water and beautify your landscape, all for a very low cost.

Replacing a bluegrass lawn or a high water perennial garden could save up to 50% of the water used in typical outdoor irrigation.  Greeley’s Water Conservation Program has partnered with the CRC to help offer garden kits at a low price.  City of Greeley residents get a $25 reduction off of the full price of an approved perennial xeric garden.   Efficient watering options such as drip kits and control clocks, planting services and consultations, and a vegetable garden are also available. 

Garden quantities are limited so order quickly! Order by visiting CRC’s garden store at or by calling 303.999.3820 ext. 222.  Gardens can be pre-ordered starting March 3rd and will be available for pickup in on May 31 at Greeley’s Xeriscape Garden at 2503 Reservoir Road.





Created at 2/28/2014 11:08 AM  by Natalie Stevens 
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