City Of Greeley

Irrigation Audit

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Free irrigation audits are offered to Greeley Water and Sewer customers to help make sprinkling systems more efficient. To schedule an audit, please call (970) 336-4228 or complete the online form below. Greeley’s Irrigation Audit Program is very popular. Audits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The irrigation audit program begins in April and ends in October. Customers are able to sign up any time during the year. To get a spring/early summer audit, please sign up the previous fall or winter.

An irrigation audit is a series of tests on your automatic sprinkling system to check the performance and determine how uniformly the system applies water to the lawn. Each audit includes:

  • a visual inspection of each zone to identify problems
  • tests that measure how and how much water is being applied
  • a water pressure check and adjustment recommendation
  • a custom watering schedule is derived from the tests performed
  • information about the lawn's seasonal needs for water

In addition to conserving water, customers should see a lower water bill and a healthier lawn, if they follow the recommendations given after the audit. The City of Greeley studied the water usage of customers who received an irrigation audit and found there was an increase in customer water efficiency. In 2007 and 2008, 359 residential and 85 commercial customers received an irrigation audit. Residential customers were found to be 13% more efficient and commercial customers became 16% more efficient.