City Of Greeley

Water Conservation Plan

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The Greeley Water and Sewer Board adopted a plan in 2008 that was approved by the Colorado Water Conservation Board in 2009. Greeley's conservation plan predicts a more than 8% reduction in Greeley's water demand over the next 20 years. The plan helps ensure that Greeley has a healthy and sufficient water supply for its future and also continues the city's 100-year history of water conservation.

The plan continues programs that Greeley Water and Sewer initiated in the past 15 years while adding several new programs, including some plans that may be implemented after additional analysis to determine cost and efficiency effectiveness of each measure. These new programs were not used in the projected water savings calculations and, if implemented, are expected to contribute to even higher levels of water savings. Highlights of the new initiatives include:

  • Exploring and implementing a new water budget rate structure that encourages conservation and could be among the first-of-its-kind in Colorado

  • Working with a real estate developer to develop a new sub-division, where an entire community would use water wise technologies and methods, and follow EPA WaterSense guidelines for new homes

  • Strengthening the city code to encourage water wise landscaping

  • Implementing water wise landscape incentives for property owners and developers

  • Working on changing landscape codes, new construction landscape requirements, analyzing lot sizes, and turf and landscape percentages of total lot size

  • Increasing the conservation budget 25% over 5 years; maintaining its status as one of the largest conservation programs in Colorado