City Of Greeley

Water Conservation Education

Education is considered an essential element of any water conservation program. Greeley is steadfast in the belief that face to face personal contact is the most effective element of its educational program; our staff strives to meet with as many citizens as possible and be visible in the community.

2012 is the year of water in Colorado! Greeley Water and Sewer has joined a statewide effort to celebrate water. Learn more about it at

  • The Greeley Water and Sewer Department provides speakers for classrooms, civic clubs and other groups by request. These presentations can be tailored to a specific time, age group, state standard, interest or concern. Please call 970-350-9204 or e-mail with your request.

  • Each year, Greeley Water Conservation co-sponsors a Children's Water Festival for 4th grade students.

  • Caring For Our Watersheds™ is an educational program that weaves together the combined strengths of industry, environmental organizations and communities to engage high school students in preserving and improving their local watersheds. The City of Greeley supports the Colorado Contest, open to students who live in the Colorado borders within the Cache la Poudre River Watershed and Big Thompson Watershed. We provide information and resources to help students with their projects.

  • The Water Department has a variety of water conservation DVDs and videos available for check out. Call Ruth Quade at 970-350-9874 to learn more about the selections and make arrangements for checking out the material.

  • Tours of some of our water and sewer facilities can be scheduled for groups of 10 or larger. Facilities include the Wastewater Treatment Plant , Xeriscape Garden, and Treated Water Reservoir . Some of Greeley's facilities are out of town, including Bellvue Water Treatment Plant and Boyd Lake Water Treatment Plant in Loveland . In addition, the Greeley History Museum has a permanent exhibit on Greeley's water history. Please call 970-350-9204 or e-mail for more information.

  • Many online resources are available to learn more about the Greeley Water and Sewer Department: