City Of Greeley

Saving Water in the Laundry Room

  • Only run full loads in the washing machine.

  • Use the load selector to match the water level to the size of load.

  • Use a cold-water rinsing cycle. Use warm water instead of hot whenever possible.

  • New front-loading washers use about 2/3 less water than traditional machines. On average, front loaders cut the water required to wash a load by about 15 gallons. One industry leader estimates that households laundering an average of nine loads per week can save $100 a year in electricity bills and 7,000 gallons of water with a good front-loading machine. To put that in perspective, 7,000 gallons is the amount of water an average person drinks in a lifetime.

  • The City of Greeley offers $100 rebates for the best water conserving washing machines on the market. Get complete details on our rebate program web page.