City Of Greeley

Water and Wastewater System Operations

Greeley has a complex water system with more than 500 miles of pipeline, 2 water treatment plants, a wastewater reclamation plant, 3 treated water reservoirs, 6 raw water reservoirs, and an extensive non-potable water system. Greeley's water system is efficient. Our water loss rate is about 5 to 6%, which is lower than the industry standard of 10%. To keep Greeley 's water system as efficient and effective as possible, we maintain and repair the existing system and upgrade system capacity in a timely manner.

  • Water Supply – Learn more about where Greeley 's water comes from. The vision of Greeley 's forefathers has led to a safe, high-quality and reliable water supply for more than 100 years.

  • High-Mountain Operations – Greeley owns and operates 6 high mountain reservoirs in the Cache la Poudre River basin.

  • Water Treatment – Greeley 's water starts as pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt and the Water Department use state of the art practices to further improve the quality of drinking water.

  • Water Quality – Greeley Water and Sewer have many programs and initiatives to keep drinking water safe to consume. Each year we publish a Water Quality Report with information on the community's water supply.

  • Water Transmission – The city has an extensive transmission system , since our water is treated where water quality is the highest. Greeley is currently expanding transmission capacity with the Bellvue Pipeline Project.

  • Water Distribution –The distribution system delivers treated water to Greeley 's homes and businesses.

  • Non- Potable – Some of Greeley 's water is not treated and is used to irrigate parks and other expansive turf areas.

  • Gravel Lake Storage – Mined out gravel pits are used for water storage. In addition, water stored in these facilities can replace depletions to local river systems.

  • Wastewater Collection Division -A wide variety of work is performed by this division including routine cleaning of sewer lines, inspection of sewer lines, maintenance of the sewage pumping stations, rehabilitation of the system and responding to emergencies.

  • Wastewater Treatment Division -The staff treats wastewater to meet or exceed EPA and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment requirements. The WPCF goal is to maintain or improve the water quality of the Cache la Poudre River. The staff also treats organics (biodegradable material) that enters the plant and converts them to biosolids that are used to improve soil composition and increase crop production for local farmers.

  • Industrial Pretreatment Program - The City of Greeley Industrial Pretreatment Program is a program within the Water Pollution Control Facility. The IPP is dedicated to ensuring the quality of the water discharged from the treatment plant to the Poudre River. In order to accomplish this, the IPP is required to address discharges from industrial and commercial users into the sanitary sewer system.

  • Several maps of Greeley 's Water Systems are available: