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Water Budget Tools

Water Budget

Customers ask for more information about water use. A water budget is on your water bill only as a guide. It shows how much water a moderately careful customer would typically use in a month. It is calculated by using average household size, the lot size of your house, and the weather. If you happen to exceed your budget, your bill will tell you how much money you would’ve saved if you stayed within your budget.

How does it work?
All you need to do is take time to review the graphs on your water bill. The graphic to your right shows how the water budget will appear on your bill.

  • Winter water use is based on indoor use. Each customer receives an indoor budget of 6 thousand gallons per month. This is based on three people living at a residence. If you want to change your persons per household to get a more accurate water budget, please call 970-336-4134 or complete the feedback form below requesting a change in household size.
  • During the growing season, your budget is based on the actual water needs of the lawn. This is based on the area that can be irrigated on your property. This is determined by the size of your lot minus the house and visible pavement. Map data of your property is available to see what areas are included in your water budget.

To help you plan, you will see a projected budget for the next month based on historic weather. To stay within budget, always take weather conditions into account when watering your lawn. If you want to monitor your water use more closely, you can request a hand-held electronic water meter. Please call 970-336-4134 to reserve your water monitor. It will be programmed for your home meter and then it will be ready for you to pick it up.

There are many benefits to a Water Budget program. It is a tool for you to save money and water by providing information on water use and discouraging waste. Please contact our Water Conservation hotline at 970-336-4134 if you have any questions regarding this program.