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Poudre River Trail Repairs

Due to floods in recent years, the riverbank along the Poudre River has incurred significant erosion in several sections that has or will affect the Poudre River Trail. A study of the trail corridor to consider options for repairing, replacing or re-routing the trail was completed in mid-2019. From the study findings, several priority projects have been identified and will be undertaken as funding is available.

These projects include:

 Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery | CLOSED THROUGH APPROX APRIL 2021  Construction at Poudre Ponds conducted by the City's Water & Sewer department will close the property from early November 2020 through April 2021 to protect the ponds from future flood damage and increase water storage capability. The public pond has been drained and no access to the property will be allowed during the construction project. During the closure, NAT staff will partner with Colorado Parks & Wildlife fishery biologists to improve fish habitat within the pond, creating a better fishery when the pond is restocked in the spring/summer of 2021. Intermittent closures of the adjacent Poudre River Trail will occur during this project as well. NAT will announce these closures when the occur, as will the Poudre River Trail Corridor through their email alerts.


East of 71st Avenue | Just downstream of the 71st Ave bridge, the riverbank is eroding along the trail and the area is prone to flooding. Design is scheduled to be completed in late 2020/early 2021 with construction being completed mid-to-late 2021.


 "Narrows" Section | East of 83rd Ave. and adjacent to the Signature Bluffs Natural Area, the Narrows section of the trail travels through blonde sandstone bluffs on one side and the Poudre river on the other. While this section is one of the most beautiful sections of the trail, it is also one of the most threatened. Several options are being investigated to address issues in this section including potentially re-routing this section. No work is planned on this section in 2020.


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McCloskey Natural Area Trailhead

Funded primarily by a State Trails grant from Colorado Parks & Wildlife, improvements to the McCloskey trailhead were completed in spring 2019. Remaining items that will complete the project include a port-a-let structure, seating and tables. Improvements are scheduled to be installed in late 2020/early 2021.

Signature Bluffs Ecosystem Improvement Project

The City has partnered with the Army Corps of Engineers to restore wetlands and upland areas at the Signature Bluffs Natural Area, in addition to construction of recreational boardwalks and soft-surface trails for public access. The trail sections and boardwalks were completed in early 2020, and work will continue on the restoration of the lands for the next few years.

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