Current Projects

Sheep Draw Natural Area Nature Trail

Thanks to a grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s State Trails program, the Natural Areas & Trails Division is working on a new soft-surface nature trail in Sheep Draw Natural Area. The nature trail will be open for public use by early spring 2020. This 1-mile crusher fines trail winds around the site providing an opportunity to see and enjoy this natural area. The trail route features a boardwalk across a wetland slough, unique sandstone benches from a local quarry, and interpretive signs that provide an opportunity to learn more about this ecosystem and the plants and animals that call it home. The nature trail is accessible from the Poudre River Trail and is open to walkers, runners and cyclists. A new 3-foot wide soft-surface trail shoulder will be installed in the spring along the Poudre River Trail between the two nature trail access points to provide a full-loop of soft-surface trail for runners.

Please stay on the trail at all times and practice good trail etiquette.

McCloskey Natural Area Trailhead

Another grant from the State Trails program has provided funding to enlarge and improve the trailhead. The new parking area was completed last fall and increases parking from 9 vehicles to nearly 30.  Additional work will be done this spring to install a portalet, picnic tables, benches, interpretive sign and landscaping.

Signature Bluffs Ecosystem Restoration Project

Curious about what’s happening with the recently installed project at Signature Bluffs Natural Area? Check it out:

Poudre River Trail Repairs

Due to floods of recent years, the riverbank along the Poudre River has incurred significant erosion in several areas that has/will affect the Poudre River Trail. A study of the trail corridor to consider options for repairing, replacing or rerouting the trail was completed in mid-2019. Several priority projects have been identified and will be undertaken, as funding is available. These projects include, from east to west:

  • West of 35th Avenue, one undercut section of the trail was relocated and replaced in 2018. Starting in January 2020 another section will be relocated and river restoration work will be done to stabilize the bank for future flood events and improve habitat in the river. The trail between 35th Avenue and the RR tracks north of Rover Run Dog Park will be closed during this renovation. COMPLETED MARCH 30, 2020
  • In 2108 a section of the PRT in Sheep Draw Natural Area, east of 59th Avenue, was rerouted to move the trail further away from the river to avoid future trail impacts due to flooding and erosion.
  • East of 71st Avenue. No work is anticipated in 2020 as options to address this area are being evaluated.
  • The bluffs section in Signature Bluffs Natural Area. Several options are being investigated to address the undercutting including potential for rerouting this section.
  • West of 95th Avenue. Possible alternative alignments are being studied to develop the best solution. In the meantime, large sand bags were placed in the river to reduce ongoing erosion and undercutting of the trail. UPDATE: Repairs are scheduled to take place in mid-April 2020 to repair the river bank and the trail.

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