Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery

How was the fishery improved during the recent construction project?

You can see many fish habitat structures, which were installed during the construction project. This creates higher quality and more diverse fish habitat, and better fishing in the future. Rebuilding the fishery will take several years. Colorado Parks & Wildlife stocked Poudre Ponds with Black Crappie and Rainbow Trout in 2022. The fingerling (1-3”) fish will take a few years to grow to a fishable size. Additional stocking will take place during 2023, see tentative schedule below.

Photo of Poudre Ponds riverbank repair

Which species of fish live in Poudre Ponds?

Poudre Ponds is a warm water fishery and will be stocked with trout, catfish, panfish, bass, and perch, which are well suited to this habitat. See the 2023 stocking plan below for more details.

Tentative Stocking Plan (subject to change)

Catchable size (8-10") trout will be stocked by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in March, April, and May 2023. Fingerling (1-3") bass, crappie and bluegill will be stocked in the summer 2023. These fish will need a few years to grow before they will be catchable. Another round of stocking is scheduled for the fall. This information is all tentative and subject to change. 

Year Tentative Stocking Date Water Name Length (inches) Species Number to be Stocked
2023 1st week of March Poudre Ponds  10 Rainbow Trout 1500
2023 1st week of April Poudre Ponds  10 Rainbow Trout 1500
2023 1st week of May Poudre Ponds  10 Rainbow Trout 1500
2023 4th week of June Poudre Ponds  1.5 Largemouth Bass 3500
2023 4th week of July Poudre Ponds  2 Black Crappie 3500
2023 4th week of July Poudre Ponds  2 Bluegill 7500
2023 1st week of September Poudre Ponds  8 Channel Catfish 2000
2023 1st week of October Poudre Ponds  10 Rainbow Trout 2000

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