Woodbriar Park is Under Construction

Woodbriar Park Renovation

Woodbriar Park is in need of upgrades both to reduce flooding in the area and to provide new, exciting recreational opportunities. The park and stormwater infrastructure around it was constructed in 1971, with the playground added in 1976. The primary goal for this project is to provide temporary stormwater storage while also serving as a recreational area. Currently, the park consists of ten acres of turf grass, a picnic shelter with restrooms, many large trees, and a multi-age playground. The City desires to improve the neighborhood by providing a redesigned neighborhood park and stormwater system. that is well coordinated with multiple city departments including the City’s Public Works Stormwater Division and Culture Parks and Recreation Parks Division.

Woodbriar Overview
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This project will produce:

  • The construction of temporary stormwater detention and connection to the existing stormwater system;
  • Associated inlets; manholes and other appurtenances to include an emergency overflow;
  • A redesigned neighborhood park, possibly with new uses;
  • Integrated park and stormwater improvements that set community design standards.

The major design tasks and priorities are:

  • Flood prevention of homes and businesses;
  • Decrease in roadway overtopping;
  • Improved pedestrian facilities;
  • Improvements in neighborhood aesthetics;
  • Increase the quality of life for neighborhood residents.
  • Applying water efficient design principles to redesign Woodbriar Park that follow the City of Greeley’s Landscape Policy Plan for Water Efficiency.
  • Redeveloping an urban park to increase usage.
  • Educating and informing neighborhood residents of the City’s guided initiatives surrounding access to quality open space, methods of water conservation and increase resident access to nature based environments within the urban setting.
  • Addressing the following program elements: restroom facilities, shelter(s), playground, bike racks, picnic tables, grills, trash receptacles, benches, passive recreation opportunities, pedestrian access, circulation and flow as well as others identified through community outreach efforts.



What Work Is Being Done and Where?

This will involve: a large amount of earth moving, removal of the old playground and picnic shelter; then new stormwater structures will be built; and lastly all new park facilities including play structures, restrooms and landscaping will be added. Park facilities will not be available during this time. Please utilize one of Greeley’s many other facilities during construction.

Why Do We Need this Project?

The area has had issues with flooding for several years, adding temporary stormwater storage in the park will help to reduce those issues; and the park amenities while still useful are ready to be retired and replaced with new, state of the art structures.

How Will It Help?

By providing temporary storage for some of the heavier rains in the park, it will allow more water to enter into pipes downstream over a longer period of time, rather than flowing over land, and into structures.


Stormwater | Woodbriar Park FAQs

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Woodbriar Park Renovation

A City of Greeley Stormwater and Parks Project

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