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Planned Giving

The Recreation Division of the Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department has been fortunate to receive a variety of gifts and donations over the years. We appreciate your support; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Why consider Planned Giving?

Many groups, organizations, and individuals often look for a way to give back to their community. Your support is a meaningful investment in your hometown that allows us to bring life to the community.

Reasons you may choose to give back may include:

  • Memory of a loved one
  • Celebration of a special event
  • Community and civic pride
  • Service club obligation
  • Recognition

There are many ways that Planned Giving can benefit both large and small projects that are happening each year here in Greeley. The Recreation Division strives to provide excellent customer service at their facilities, as well as classes and programs that benefit residents of all ages, with the goal to help enhance your quality of life.

What are some ways these gifts are used?

  • Sponsor a specific event
  • Provide program equipment
  • Facility improvements
  • Upkeep of facility grounds

All gifts are tax deductible.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

The Recreation Division has been fortunate to work with many wonderful partners that help us reach so many of our goals. Our Partners and Sponsors receive both tangible benefits as well as the reward of supporting the local community by improving the quality of life for Greeley residents.

As a business or organization we realize that you may be looking for opportunities that enhance your corporate image while offering something of value for your organization and staff. We have many options to do this within the Recreation Division. Each opportunity provides a unique way to connect with the community.

Options include:

  • Event specific sponsorships (e.g. Father Daughter Dance, Discovery Bay Doggie Days)
  • Group sponsorships (Youth and Adult Sports)
  • Media sponsorships

Just to name a few!

Our goal is to establish closer relationships with companies in the area. Partners & Sponsors will receive a tailored package to meet your specific needs. The Recreation Division has built many positive relationships with many corporate and small business partners.

Each Partnership and Sponsorship extends for a full year. The value is negotiable.

Youth Assistance Fund

The Youth Assistance program is available for families that have a financial hardship and would still like to have the opportunity for their children to participate in City of Greeley Recreation Programs. The Greeley Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department raises money through a variety of sponsorships and donations for the Youth Assistance program. As long as there are funds available, we will try to accommodate all requests.

Qualification process and information:

  1. Participants must be Greeley residents and must provide a letter of qualification issued by School District 6 for the Free and Reduced Rate Lunch program for each child. For Greeley residents attending other school districts, applications will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Once qualification is confirmed, the child can utilize a $50 scholarship toward registration costs for any class or program offered in theRecreation Connection magazine.
  3. Once the scholarship is used up, youth (17 and under) who qualify for the Free Lunch program receive a 50% discount on non-contracted classes and programs. Those who qualify for the Reduced Rate Lunch Program receive a 25 percent discount on non-contracted classes and programs.
  4. A photo of each program participant must be taken at the front desk of the Greeley Recreation Center or Family FunPlex. ID cards are not required.
  5. The Youth Assistance Scholarship of $50 expires December 31 of the calendar year of approval. The reduced rate discount expires one year from the date of approval.
  6. The Youth Assistance program cannot be used toward any membership or pass.
  7. Participants and parents can enjoy a $1 off daily fee discount at the following facilities:
    • Greeley Recreation Center
    • Family FunPlex
    • Ice Haus ($1 off general admission only)

To apply for the Youth Assistance Fund

Please fill out the Youth Assistance Program application and submit to the Greeley Recreation Center at 651 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631. For more information, call 970-350-9400.

Sponsored in part by:
United Way