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    • May, 2016

      Coaches Editorial

      • Mandi
      Mandi Dorris has been actively involved in attending and being a part of our Coaching Development Seminars which has perpetuated not only stronger partnership among her clients, but also being a pillar of positively at the forefront of the fitness community in Greeley.  She believes in truly giving back to those who seek her guidance in a caring and constructive way and her passion for fitness and her belief in living a healthy lifestyle makes her an ideal coach.

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    • April, 2016

      Greeley’s Youth Leadership

      • NYSDA16
      The future of our community, our state and our nation depend upon the way we raise and support young people to handle the affairs of tomorrow. It is the duty of all parents, citizens and youth organizations to develop a proper attitude among the young people in our community to provide them with the right examples, environments and opportunities.

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