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What is happening in downtown Greeley? There are a lot of changes in the works—including renovations to City Hall and City Center North.

  • Update Report: November, 20 2019

    Drywall is going up and so is the elevator shaft. Read more below:
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    City Hall’s lower level renovation started a big step last week as drywall began going up on the freshly framed new offices and workspaces. As the new walls started to take shape, crews finished work on the bathroom plumbing.

    The elevator shaft continues to grow taller. After cutting through to the second floor, crews continued laying concrete blocks to build the shaft up to the top of the building where they cut through the roof of City Hall to build the elevator cap.

    At City Center North, work continues to expand the first and second floor of the building, first by pouring the footers and then by framing up the walls. Inside City Center North, crews have worked to rough in the lower levels.

    City officials want to apologize for the noise and the disruptions this construction has caused at both buildings. Officials also want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this construction.

Municipal Campus renovations and financing 

Starting in early August 2019 renovation work in City Hall and City Center North will begin impacting access to and operations in parts of both buildings.

At City Hall, the renovation will replace the roof, paint the exterior, install an ADA-compliant elevator, renovate the lower level, and add access control features on all three floors. All access to City Hall, during construction, will be moved to the south entrance. 

At City Center North, the renovation will start on the first floor and change the floorplan to an open office concept to make room for future employees and improve the customer experience. Additionally, the renovations will expand the first two floors of the building to the east and west near the northern edge and connect the Focus Building to what was once the City Hall Annex. This project also replaces the heating and air conditioning throughout the entire building. Access to the three remaining floors will remain during construction.

Both of these renovations are funded by carry-over funds from the City of Greeley’s General Fund. For more information about the city’s budget, click here

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