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What is happening in downtown Greeley? There are a lot of changes in the works—including a new fire station, downtown hotel and relocation of City government offices.

  • Update Report: April 6

    City Center construction is ready to roll. A groundbreaking was held on March 31 and construction is underway.  Construction of Fire Station 1 is on schedule and set to open in September. 
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    DSC_0042-1200City Center Municipal Campus Groundbreaking

    City Center construction is ready to roll!  On March 31 the City of Greeley partnered with Greeley’s Hensel Phelps Constructors to celebrate the construction launch for the first phase of City Center, Greeley’s new City Hall.

    Learn more about the groundbreaking on the City's Manager's blog

    Fire Station 1

    Construction is on schedule for Fire Station 1.  The new Fire Station is planned to open in September.  Below are some exterior and interior photos of the construction. 

    Fire Station 1 - Construction

    Fire Station 1 - Construction Outside

    Fire Station 1 - Inside Construction

    Fire Station 1 - Stairway Construction

Hotel and Conference Center Design-Design work and finalization of the development agreement for the new hotel and conference center are complete and construction is progressing. Completion is anticipated in September of 2017. See the artist's rendering fly-by video of what this new downtown amenity could look like.

Fire Station #1 - building model and renderings.

Fire Station and City Center Phase I Financing

Funding for the projects will come from Certificates of Participation (COPs). Here’s how this type of funding works: Instead of buying a bond, investors actually purchase a piece of the building and property. Each year, the city makes payments and purchases a portion of the building and property. After 20 years, ownership of the building transfers to the City of Greeley. This isn’t debt or a tax increase, which would need voter approval, for three important reasons:

  1. COPs only require an annual budget allocation
  2. They do not require this or future Councils to continue the agreement
  3. Taxes will not be raised to make the payments. It is much like a lease-purchase agreement, where “rent” payments are made and when the lease is up, the renter owns the property.

The City successfully used this form of financing on two other occasions: acquisition and construction of Boomerang Links golf course and irrigation improvements at Highland Hills Golf Course, as well as construction of the Events Center at Island Grove Park.

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City Center

Downtown Hotel
City Center / Municipal Campus Project
Safeway Building/Block - New Fire Station #1

Live Image Feeds

Take a peek at the action!

Hotel/conference center construction and Lincoln Park Annex demolition live images (updates every 30 minutes) and time lapse video.

View Fire Station #1 construction live images (updates every 30 minutes)

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