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Employee Benefits and Wellness

Our wellness program provides a pathway for all staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The program is designed to promote and improve health and well-being in the lives of City employees and their families through health education and wellness interventions aimed at fostering healthy lifestyles.

We have a variety of health and wellness resources designed to help you stay healthy and happy year round. Take some time to check them out, or contact Deedra Severin at deedra.severin@greeleygov.com.

Employee Wellness Membership Registration

Greeley Recreation offers discounted employee memberships for all City of Greeley employees and their families. To purchase a discounted employee membership, please visit the Family FunPlex or Recreation Center. For additional information, please call 970-350-9400 or email recreationcenter@greeleygov.com.

HFWA COVID-19 Supplemental Leave Request

Employees requesting COVID-19 Supplemental Sick Leave pursuant to the HFWA (Healthy Families & Workplace Act during Public Health Emergencies) shall complete this form, in as much advance notice as reasonably practical. Effective 1/1/2021, the HFWA COVID-19 Supplemental Leave is available immediately up to 80 hours (for full-time and 3/4 time employees). For part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees, Supplemental leave is the amount of time an employee works on average in a 14 day period. Supplemental Leave will not be allocated to an employee's accrued Paid Time Off (PTO), Vacation, Sick Leave, or HFWA Leave.

HFWA COVID-19 Supplemental Leave Request