Employee Access Center

Security Disclaimer

Do not use your Social Security number as a password. Change your password regularly and use combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters such as # and @. Do not use your EAC password as credentials for other online accounts.

If your EAC password is your Social Security number, change it by following these directions:

Sign on to an EAC (click Agree below)
Click on the "Update Account" on the upper right menu.
Type old password then your new password twice and click "Change Password"

Protect your online passwords. Don’t write them down or share them with anyone.

Always log off from EAC by click the "logout" option on the upper right menu. If you cannot log off, quit your browser to prevent any potential unauthorized access to your account information.

Be wary of logging into EAC on computers that are shared by others. Public computers (computers at internet cafes, copy centers, etc.) should be used with caution, due to shared use and possible tampering. EAC activities and viewing or downloading documents (paystubs, etc.) should be conducted, when possible, on a computer you know to be safe and secure.

By logging into EAC you are accepting responsibility for any potential security risks arising from downloading or transferring employee information to your computer.

While the City Of Greeley has taken steps to ensure your privacy via encrypted connection we are not responsible for the security of that data once transmitted to your computer.

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