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  • Back to School

    In the latest episode of 'You Otto Know,' Roy has his backpack packed and wants to remind us all to pay extra attention when we're driving, walking, or biking during back to school season.
  • Weld County Bright Futures: December 2018 Update

    Reaffirming their commitment to the Bright Futures Grant Program, the Weld County Board of Commissioners approved a funding plan that will take the program securely into 2023.
  • College Goal Sunday: October 28

    College Goal Sunday helps local students get ready to apply for financial aid and college. 
  • District 6 and Friends Arts Walk

    ACE was created to come alongside existing programs, projects and initiatives as a catalyst to support the community’s goals and dreams, and yet propel those goals and dreams to the next level. 
  • Weld County Bright Futures Update

    Weld County's Bright Futures Colorado program is still going strong.Here is the latest updates on the program. 
  • ACE Athletics in the Recreation Connection

    ACE Athletics was featured in the Winter 2017, City of Greeley Recreation Connection.  Read the article and learn more about youth sports in Greeley. 
  • Greeley Remarkable Raises Money For Local Internships

    Greeley Remarkable raised $47,425. All proceeds go to support students in local internship and apprentice programs to help build a career-ready workforce.
  • Coaches Corner: Young People Need Good Models More Than They Need Critics

    This key idea of Coach Wooden's was a cornerstone of his approach to coaching and teaching.
  • Career Explore Internships: Caitlyn's Story

    Thanks to our 40 generous industry partners, the Career Explore internship program has grown from 85 internships in 2016 to 101 interns this summer!  Learn more about one student's experience working with the Greeley Chamber of Commerce. 
  • How the Growth Mindset Helps Athletes

    As we head into another year of athletic events in our District 6 community, this research by Dr. Carol Dweck is timely. The idea of mindset has received considerable attention in recent times. The “fixed” vs. “growth” mindset has interesting implications for athletes, and people in general. One of our goals in District 6 is to help our student-athletes approach both endeavors from the “growth” mindset perspective.

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