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The school year is in full swing and the fall sports season is the busiest time of year for our schools. You might not realize that our Greeley high schools are currently running the following activities: Cross Country, Football, Boys Golf, Boys Soccer, Softball, Spirit, Boys Tennis, and Volleyball. Our middle schools are currently in: Cross Country, Football, Swimming, and Volleyball.


As this active sports season is all underway, the ACE Athletics team has started the initial implementation of the Growing Leader’s curriculum, Habitudes for Athletes. The term Habitudes comes from the Growing Leader’s slogan, “Images that form Leadership Habits and Attitudes”. The ACE Athletics work with Habitudes began with an orientation session for coaches and teachers on August 16 at Greeley West High School. JT Thoms, the Director of Strategic Partnerships from Growing Leader’s, facilitated the training for more than 60 staff members from District 6 and the City of Greeley Culture, Parks, and Recreation department.

In addition, we have held three more training sessions for another 25 staff and community groups. The community groups that are actively engaged in this leadership development initiative include the Boys & Girls Club of Weld County, the Northern Colorado Soccer Club, Soccer Without Borders, Greeley Evans Youth Baseball, FC Greeley Soccer, UNC- Exercise Science Department, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Through involvement in this training, participating schools and community partners all have access to curriculum kits and online content from Growing Leader’s.

So you now know the “what” of ACE Athletics, but you must be wondering about the “why” of ACE Athletics. Simply put, we strongly believe that today’s youth are not receiving important character and leadership development opportunities at the level needed to create positive, productive, future leaders in our community and beyond. The Habitudes model uses the universal language of images, to create deep, thought provoking discussion to help students and adults become the best they can be.

Early adopters in the ACE Athletics initiative are already seeing the positive results and deep learning that can be discovered through this use of “images to form leadership habits and attitudes.” Curriculum adopted for ACE Athletics uses consistent tools from Growing Leaders that will create a consistent common language that reinforces the importance of developing athletes through better communication and clarity of purpose.

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