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ACE Welcomes a Two New Athletic Directors at Greeley West and Northridge

northridgeACE Athletics welcomes Chris Cline, the new Athletic Director at Northridge High School, and Kent Denning, the new Athletic Director at Greeley West High School. Kent and Chris have already made a positive impact since joining the District 6 staff by providing clear and consistent messages about the purpose of athletics to the student athletes, coaches, and parents. 

GreeleywestIn talking with Chris and Kent, Coach Parry, ACE Consultant, said that both new AD’s are a pro's pro. They are Passionate about the culture of relational excellence; Relentless in learning about Achieving Community Excellence and how to engage more folks in sharing their vision and values regarding community involvement; and they have taken ownership in the ACE Athletics vision and the community of Greeley.

Coach Parry explained, "Chris and Kent are both like-minded to the purpose of ACE Athletics and have embraced the Growing Leaders Habitudes tools. I look forward to seeing just where this all goes for the Grizzles at NHS and the Spartans at GWHS."

We will continue to keep you updated on all things “Habitudes”. If you want to learn more about ACE Athletics or learn how to implement character and leadership development in your organization, please contact Bob Parry or Bob Billings for more information.

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